12 week Customer Journey Funnel

Stop Just Creating a Funnel and instead Create a Customer Journey and Business Destination that Connects and Create Sales.

Discover the Importance of...

Understand Your Customer, their Needs, their pain points and what the WANT! 

Along with defining a targeted Business Destination that Your Audience wants to Journey to. Without this, you are simply not making consistent connection or sales.
This Program is all about helping you know your business and your customers and connecting the two, to make the impact you want with your business, you coaching, your products or services! 

Hi, Tina Fletcher here and I want to ask you a couple of questions...

Are you reaching your audience or are you just talking with no one listening?

Do you feel like you have lots or no content that is connecting with people, whether by social media, emails, even at networking events?

Are you frustrated about working all the time but not really being sure what you should be doing?

Are you wondering if it is going to get any better?

I get that I have been there and so have many of my clients/

Understanding Your Customer and Your Business is so much more than a Mission Statement, a Target Audience Profile, an Avataar or even knowing Business inside and out.

It is more than having a Business Plan and definitely more than a manifesto.

It's 100% about understanding your customer journey and how and why they would want to connect with your business, your service, your products and your brand.

It's about changing your audience into customers who want to buy ... not have to sell to!

If you are ready, to understand this and take action, real action, this course isn't for the faint-hearted you will be working hard. Then sign up today and let's make it happen!


The 12-week Customer Journey Funnel Program show You the Importance of Customers Journeys, Business Destinations and how they Impact Your Business Success and Bottom Line.

This Intensive Program (with 1 on 1 coaching for 12 weeks) plus access to all training, live sessions for the complete 12 months.

Next Course Starting 11th Sept - Cost $1000

This Program is designed for Existing Business Owners, Coaches, Authors, Artist and Entrepreneurs that know they are not where they wish to be in their business and are ready to take action.

The Price is $1000 for a 12-week intensive program if you are interested please select a payment option (pay in full or payments) and you will be sent some questions to get you started prior to the Program opening.

As it is Early Bird Special anyone who signs up now will also get an additional 10% discount automatically at the checkout and bonus training to do prior to the Program Starting.


Pay In Full $1000

6 Fortnightly Payments of $210

Don't Just build a Funnel build a Destination!

People are getting fed up with being shoved into a Business Funnel. They are fed up with business not caring about what they want.

How about if you could connect with the right audience, give them value and help them feel like you care about their wants and needs.

What if you could create simple but effective components that your audience will love and want more, and when it comes time to offer them a paid service, they are not only ready and waiting, they are actually excited.

No more just throwing out another freebie and another, and another and hoping it works instead, test, connect and reconnect with value-driven products or services both free and paid.

A Defined Customer Journey and Business Destination will make that happen!

The Customer Journey Funnel Program is an intensive 12-week program designed to hold your hand and take you on your own Journey of Discovery. 

A discovery of your business, your customer and how you need to connect in today's busy market place. This program is action-based with tasks to do for each week of the12 weeks along with 1 on 1 weekly session* with me to help you move forward. 

Now, this program isn't for everyone!

  • If you are not ready to work really hard for 12 weeks
  • If you are not ready to change the way you think (an sometimes it may be uncomfortable)
  • If you are not ready to embrace technology (we will show you how) to make this happen
  • If you would prefer to get someone else to do it for you, then contact us and we will tell you our preferred developers, you can still do the training an outsource the creation.
  • If you are not willing to do it my way and follow my step by step training, then this program definitely will not work for you.

I know this sounds harsh and maybe it is, but I want to work with the right people and get them their customer Journey Funnel up and going in 12 weeks. I want them to be able to come along to the Live Q&A and be able to ask questions knowing this is the right program for them.

*12 weeks of One on One Coaching with Me.

Yes, you will receive unlimited one on one coaching with me, based on you completing actionable steps and homework, you and I meeting and then you taking more steps and us meeting again.

These sessions will usually be 15 minutes, but we have a focal point already established, momentum will be created and tasks the session and next tasks will be completed faster.  I believe this will help you take action, be accountable and have the success you know you want.

business women

In this Program I Will Show You

How to Define Your Audience, Customers, their wants, needs and pain points. Understand how you need to position your business so they want to connect with you. How you can turn your audience into paying customers.

Then you dig even deeper and actually create your connection points, whether it's an ebook, a challenge, a webinar or mini-course (to name a few).

Through this program you will create at less two connection points, preferring three that will lead to your product or service. We will show you how to do all the components and how to duplicate it as you need.

Having a Customer Journey Funnel and guiding to your Business Destination allows you to stop 'selling' and instead connect and convert your audience to paying customers.

Key Features of the Customer Journey Funnel Program

Online Members Area
There is recorded training in all of the content below you will get over the shoulder step by step screenshot training, PowerPoint training, audios, written content, workbooks, checklists and planners

Weekly Live Meetings
Live weekly training that will either go deeper into some of the training, look at examples or case studies, take students components and create them live plus each week there will be time for Questions and Answers.

One on One Session
This course includes unlimited one on one with me, based on actionable steps and homework, you do it and then we meet again. These sessions will usually be 15 minutes, but because we have a focal point we are working on it is easy to create momentum in that time and then you are given the next step and so on.

I believe this will help you take action, be accountable and have the success you know you want.

Content in bite-size learning
To stop you jumping around and getting overwhelmed with all the moving parts you will get your content one lesson at a time, then you will need to do a Completed This Lesson Task to move on.

Sometime you will need to send me homework, sometimes you will need to check off a list or do a quiz to move forward.  If you wish to jump a section because you know it then simply do the Completed This Lesson Task and move on.

How the Program Works!

customer journey

Your Program includes:

✔ Members Area with Coaching, Step by Step training, workbooks and tools

✔ 1 on 1 Session with me  for 12 weeks (based on short-focus driven sessions base on where you are up to and then the next steps to take)

✔ Weekly Live training and Q & A sessions

✔ Bonus Workshops and additional training




The first week is all about your Business, who and what you do and why.

  • How to Define Your Business, your Mission, Vision and why I would want to buy what you have to offer
  • Understanding Your Service/Product Destination Point
  • Creating Your first Service/Product Destination Point



The first week is all about your Audience and Customers, who they are and why they would care about your business.

  • Understanding the Importance of why you need to create a Customer Journey
  • Creating a Customer Journey 
  • Creating your Customer Road Map and Connection Points



We take the knowledge from the clarity phase and start creating your content, plans and deciding on tools to automate it. This is where your Business Destination starts to help you to Create Your Customer Journey Content.

  • Creating Content, training, product/service descriptions that connect with your audience
  • Planning the content for your connection point such as ebooks, videos, checklist, webinars etc
  • Start developing your Connection Content



This is where we continue your Connection Planning Content

  • Continue developing your Connection Content
  • Deciding on what tools can be used to automate your connection content ie autoresponders, social media platforms etc
  • Always confirming all Connection Points and content leading to Business Destination



This Phase is all about planning and getting ready to using technology and tools to create your online components, you get so much more out of the tools if your content etc is created prior to setting them up.

  • Develop your First Connection Content - Your Freebie for example eBooks, checklists, video etc., ready to add to autoresponders, landing pages etc
  • Decide what you other two connection points are going to be in this Customer Journey
  • Creating the Connection Content or outsourcing it


In House or Outsource

Take even more action by working smarter, assessing what work you do yourself and what should be outsourced. Get access to our list of recommended VAs and service providers.

  • Pro and Cons of Outsourcing
  • How to decide when the time is right both financially and mentally
  • Our recommended Service Providers plus how to work out who to work with
  • How to use the Program to make outsourcing easier
  • Keeping in control of outsourcing quality and moving parts



This Phase is all about creating your first connection points. 

  • Develope the product ie eBook, Checklist, Videos etc
  • Use templates 
  • Create Email content to go with First Connect Point
  • Create Graphics



This week we dive into the tech and start creating your automation, your systems to allow repetitive components to be automated and what you need to do along the way.

  • Understanding when it is best to automate or how to ensure you do not lose your customer connection
  • Setting Up Email Sequences and Autoresponders
  • Setting up list building tools



 It is where you finalise Your Customer Journey Automative Components for the first connection point. This is where you see a lot of things come together.

  • Setting up appointment schedules if needed or other automative tools
  • Adding to an Autoresponders Campaign to
  • Adding to a Landing Page on Your Website or within your email provider
  • Checking off and ensuring worksheets and systems are in place for duplication
  • Testing all systems to ensure they are working
  • Scheduling ongoing components to work with automations



This Phase is all about creating the next two connection points. This will help with your customer journey and help move along your customers. These points can be free or paid and we will explore each.

  • Understanding and re-assessing what connection points to add (choose to you will create content for)
  • Creating a Webinar Connection Point Content
  • Creating a Challenge and all content
  • Other Connection Point Ideas and all content
  • Understanding if your connection point should be free or paid



Here you create and then do the automation and tech for connection point 2. A lot of the setup for the process you created in connection point 1 will be reused here

  • Creating Connection Point 2 onto the platform
  • Adding to an Autoresponders Campaign 
  • Creating a Landing Page on your website or in an email provider
  • Checking off and ensuring worksheets and systems are in place 
  • Testing all systems to ensure they are working
  • Scheduling ongoing components to work with automations



Here you create and then do the automation and tech for connection point 3. A lot of the setup for the process you created in connection point 1 will be reused here

  • Creating Connection Point 3 onto the platform
  • Adding to an Autoresponders Campaign 
  • Creating a Landing Page on your website or in an email provider
  • Checking off and ensuring worksheets and systems are in place 
  • Testing all systems to ensure they are working
  • Scheduling ongoing components to work with automations



Take the time to Test, Assess and Reassess your systems, marketing and procedures are making you work smart, not hard and you understand the process to continue and adjust what is needed.

  • Set up ongoing testing
  • Set up ongoing reviewing 
  • Setup ongoing assessment of connection point to decide if they worked or should be adjusted, continued or removed.



Here are training on tools we use to make life easier

  • How to use Canva for Graphics
  • Why we love Paint.net 
  • Scripts for emails and more

Are You Ready to Stop Shoving Your Customers Down a Funnel!
Are You Instead Ready to Create Customer Journeys?

The online world is changing how we market rapidly.
What worked last year (sometimes even last month) needs a refresh, a new way of giving value and appreciating your customers.

Without them, you simply are not in business.

In Summary

✔ It allows you to Connect with Your Audience with Connection Points

✔ It allows you to create a Journey that feels personal and automate it

✔ It allows you to connect with People giving them value so they want to become customers by fulfilling their wants

This course not only explains the what to do, it shows you how! So you can do it yourself or understand the what you are doing to give you better results when it come time to outsource. As it is paramount in business to know when to do it yourself and when your time is simply too valuable.

video dummy 2

Overview of the Course Video

I started my journey as a Business Coach after spending many years not only building websites but also helping people design and develop their online businesses for them. From building the website, the lead magnets, social media and other graphics to name a few components.

It seemed a natural progression into Business Coaching as so many of my clients were struggling to know what information and marketing content to give me to make it work in their online business.

As a result, I have dedicated myself to helping people;

  • Find their Confidence with an Authentic Voice and reach their true audience
  • Connect more naturally and give Value 
  • Strengthen their Credibility through Powerful Systems and Business Content so they're seen as Authorities in their given fields

I truly believe Strong Businesses are Built on Strong Foundations, Consistent Systems and Automating Repetitive work and without it, you simply are not going to create the impact you dream for your business.

Let's Make it happen for You


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