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Is Your Email List Your Friend or Foe?

You are told …“You need a list,” You hear all the time“The money is in the list,” Then you get told, “You need an autoresponder.” So you purchased an autoresponder; you added an opt-in box on your website; you have a couple of subscribers; now what? Now, you really need to sit down and plan…

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Are You Shouting about Your Business or Whispering?

This article started as an email that I sent out and grew from there. I wanted people to see that they should be proud of their business. Many of us start a business and then don’t tell anyone just in case it doesn’t work. Many of us (and yes I have been guilty of this…

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7 Tips to Inspire You in Business and Create Your Own Success

Being in Business, especially if it’s just you, can be very stressful, but also very exciting. It can be truly the changing point in your life. Trying to understand what you need to keep yourself motivated and taking action is a wonderful starting point to keep you going. “The most difficult thing is the decision…

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