Daily Painting Challenge: Preparing my Canvas

As I launch my fine art business, I decided that I needed to add in some components that help me stay focused on both my art and my business.

Looking at the art side, I decided to make the commitment to paint "daily paintings".

I wanted to still work on canvas, but I wanted to make them small and easy to do and also be able to market them at a good price.

So I decided that I would purchase raw canvas, cut it up and prime it for painting.

The size I decided on for each painting is 15 cm x 15 cm (app. 6" x 6โ€), and so I cut up my canvas to around 22 cm squares.


Laying them all out onto a tarp the fun started as I gessoed the canvas 3 times with a light sand in between each coat.


It took time to let them dry between coats and I did have the tarp over my large kitchen island which was ideal for space but it was a pain if you wanted you to the kitchen.

I did the first coat horizontally, sanded the next coat vertically and sanded and the last either depending on how the canvas looked ie was it showing lines either way?


It was time-consuming but as I did it in between other tasks it was fun to do and satisfying. Plus a bonus it created an economical medium to paint but still a quality product to give to your customers as a primed unstretched canvas can be mounted and presented in frames etc.
Here's my stack of canvas ready to paint. Totally Awesome!!


Here are a couple of paintings that I have created using the canvas that I cut up and primed.

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