The Daytime Dreaming Collection

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The series titled Daytime Dreaming is the culmination of me stopping living nomadically (for a while) and now living on the beach in the Beautiful Bribie Island Qld Australia. It was inspired by the vivid changing colours I see each day, and my love for bright, bold shapes.

Some people see the beach and coastline as just blues of the water and the yellow/white of the sand. Whereas I love the multiple layers of colour, you can see everywhere from the plants, the animals and the people. Along with the movement and changing colours of the water, and the sweeping lines connecting it all, it is all very beautiful and each day I feel like I am dreaming, living in such a beautiful place (hence the collection name), and I so want to capture it all in my abstracts.

The Daytime Dreaming Collection is created by Tina Fletcher it is an abstract series consisting of 16 unstretched canvas, 15cm x 15cm (6' x 6") each. The whole series is painted on one large unstretched canvas and then transformed into the 16 harmonising artworks. The artworks are then beautifully framed with a white picture mount and a choice of a black or white frame.

Working on this series has allowed me to express how I see more when I stop, step close and experience the moment, with layers over layers and hidden details. I hope you enjoy finding these little pieces.

The Daytime Dreaming Collection will be released to the public on Monday 6th December on my website.

And a pre-release available at the Southside Art Market (SSAM), Morningside School of Arts Hall, Morningside on Saturday 4th December from 8 am-1.30 pm.