Transform Your Business with the Power of a Brand Ethos.

Learn how to harness the effectiveness of a Brand Strategy & dig deep to connect with your audience on a more profound level.


Taking the time to revitalise your business from the ground up to grow to the next level is a MUST!

If you’re anything like me, constantly trying to "take things to the next level" with your business.

But here’s the number one problem I see when people are trying to transform their online business,

no matter what you do or how hard you try, you ALWAYS have to find ways to connect with your audience.

In fact, I see it so often that, I’d be willing to bet that it’s happened to you, too.

Tell me if one of these scenarios sounds familiar…

  • Are you embarrassed by your Online Presence and you know you are losing clients because they can't see your true value?
  • Are you an online Business Owner who is struggling to scale your business and make the impact you dream of?
  • Are you frustrated because you genuinely believe you have important products or services that could change someone's life? Wishing you could connect with your audience and convert them into customers?

Or maybe you are just starting out but, for some reason, you just can’t seem to get ahead. You know the possibility is there but you can’t figure it out alone and continue to struggle…

If you feel like that … You’re Not Alone!

In fact going it alone can sometimes be the hardest thing to do... Imagine having a Coach available for you as you grow your Business for 12 months.

Tina Fletcher

Hi, I am Tina Fletcher, and I travel the world teaching people how to:

  • Define their Passion
  • Build their Business Brand Ethos
  • Connect with their Audience 
  • Market their Business and Create Raving Customers

all while putting in place your TRUE business and using tools that reduce your workload and free up your time to live the life you dream.

I remember when I first started helping people create their online presence. It was hard for people to see the true value of a brand ethos and message could give their business.

Which, many times, meant I could only help with their website or design something for them but not dig deeper and really impact their business.

You see, I wanted them to have huge success if they worked with me.

But, many simply believe a brand is only a logo with some colours and did not see the true value of a Brand.

Even when I did get them to do it, something was lacking. I showed them how powerful it was and they agreed but something was missing.

Something I could do to give them even more than just success.


I've discovered that when a business owner takes the time to learn how to brand their business and invest in making that happen, they tend to take it more seriously.

That means they have personally created their words, their voice, and their vision. They will soon realise that it will be so much more powerful than if they outsourced it.

Now, this is not to say you can not employ a brand specialist to do your design elements but the power of your brand really is the power of how you, the business owner, connect to it.

I realised it really works when the people that are invested in the business are passionate about it and really want the business to succeed. When they take the time to understand and develop a branded proposition, they realise it has a bigger impact than they ever imagined.

 You'll be amazed by what happens when you use the power of a Brand Ethos in your business. You start to connect with the right audience, start increasing your income and you really see the difference it can make.

Then One Day, I Made A Breakthrough…

I decided to make programs that allow business owners, coaches, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs to learn all of the background philosophy, which in turn, would allow them to make more money, more impact, more success and, really CONNECT with the Brand.

Imagine being a business owner and having a real belief in your brand! Understanding the philosophy and the power of it and use it to reach even more of your audience!

Imagine how it would feel to be able to use the knowledge in your marketing, your conversations, your product launches and, in all aspects of your business.

It's all because your voice is the voice of your business!

Let me introduce…


Impact Breakout

So, I have decided to create my Impact BreakOut ™ program.
Not only does give you access to me for 1-1 Laser Sessions, it shows you the power of a brand, it also digs deep into how to connect to your audience on a more profound level. It will teach you sequentially on how to do this entire process.

☑ How to create a brand personality that envelops your entire business
☑ How to define your audience and the language and tone they use
☑ Reassess your current brand and see what works and what doesn't
☑ Refresh your online presence, including your website and social media presences
☑ Refocus your digital strategy to be in line with your brand
☑ Create your business brand, mission, and vision statements
☑ Learn how to write your brand story and enhance your online reputation

Over the 12 months you are going to sequentially learn - AND IMPLEMENT the training to create a Powerful Brand Ethos to Showcase your Business build a bigger and more influential business.

How The Impact BreakOut Program works

This 12 Month Impact BreakOut Course is designed to help you take action and take your existing business either online (if it's not already) or to revitalise and streamline. All based on a strong foundation of brand ethos. We will put in place systems for you to work smarter in your existing business.

UNLIMITED - 12 months

1-1 Laser Coaching Sessions

You will do actionable steps and homework and then we meet again.

These sessions will usually be 15 minutes, but because we have a focal point,  we are working on an easy to create momentum. After that, you will be given the next step.

members area1

Online Members Only Area

Online Training with over the shoulder step by step instructions training, audio, written content, workbooks and more.

Plus Bonus Training & Tech on recommended tools to help you do tasks quicker and easier, which I have used and tested and gave me the best results. 


Training Sessions including Q&A

We will either go deeper into some of the training, look at examples or case studies,  or take student's components and create them live.

Live Question and Answer sessions where you can ask me questions and see other examples. All designed to inspire you and keep you moving forward.


Bite-Size Learning Sessions

To stop you jumping around and getting overwhelmed with all the moving parts you will get your content one lesson at a time, then you will need to do a 'Completed This Lesson Task' to move on.

12 Months Access to Members Area and Online Training

If you are looking for someone..

★ Who wants you to succeed, your success is my success - weekly live training and Q & A Sessions

★ To hold you accountable and hold your hand when you need it, but will also show you how to embrace your inner wisdom and strength to learn more and earn more. - This program includes 1 on 1 session with me  for 12 months (based on short-focus driven sessions based on where you are up to and then the next steps to take)

Who'll give you systems, instructions, and tools to make it happen - members area with coaching, step by step training, workbooks, and tools

Who loves tech and will show you what you need to know without all the unnecessary overload - this program doesn't just tell you what to do, we dig deep into tech using solutions I have used for both clients and myself.

Who understands what it's like to be busy and will help you find the right people to help you grow your business - Hey, I get it, at some stage it's time to stop doing it all yourself, so I will show you how to outsource and give them the right info to get the best results.

work together

Connecting all the components of Impact BreakOut Brand Ethos

The Impact BreakOut Program includes:

What is Branding

Understanding the importance of Branding to Build Your Loyal and Profitable Customers.

Assess your current branding, logo, design elements. Deciding if going to continue to use as a base or redo all components.

Finding Your Unique Voice

Reviewing Your Business, audience, existing customers, your products or service to find your uniqueness. Ensuring your product aligns with our customers WANTS.


Defining Your Brand Personality

The Power of Archetypes in Branding: Implement a proven system for identifying the most appropriate and leverageable archetypes for any company and/or brand

Creating Your Brand Story, Slogan & Tag Line

Bring it all together to create your Brand story, compelling slogan and tag line for use on different platforms and your website

The Pschology of Colour, Fonts and Design

Using psychology to understand and determine the right look for you. At this stage, you can outsource your designs or make one yourself. 

Your Mission, Vision and Business Statement

Creating your business statements to work with your brand and ensure continuity throughout.

Graphics: Logo and Design

Using online programs to create or use your logo and add it to your design setups

Reviewing Your Digital Footprint

Looking at your current digital footprint and putting in place solutions to update, redo and replace inconsistent brand messages moving forward.

Brand Strategy: Website & Blogging

Jumping on your website and doing an assessment and then aligning it with new brand components. You can learn (I will show you how) to do this yourself or outsource this using my recommended changes. 

Brand Strategy: Online & Social Media Platforms

Assess all of your online and social media platforms and doing an assessment and then aligning it with new brand components. You can learn (I will show you how) to do this yourself or outsource this using my recommended changes. 


Creating an ongoing system for brand and design creation moving forward. Finalising your Brand kit and your statements.

Creating Your Brand Culture

Bringing everything together to ensure your brand will be showcased consistently moving forward.

PLUS Bonuses

How to use online Graphic Software


Training on how to use online software programs such as Canva. Plus some useful downloadable tools.

Brand Kit Workbook

Ongoing workbook to create your Brand Kit to ensure consistency.

Build Your WEBSITE Training

Learn how to build a website, make it consistent to your brand using WordPress and our recommended plugins, both paid and free.

12 Month Brand Based Marketing Plan

Now, you know your brand ethos, your voice, and your statements. Now, you can finally plan how to market for the next year.

business owner

Now, this program isn't for everyone!

  • If you are not ready to work really hard to put in place systems to make it easier in the future
  • If you are not ready to change the way you think (and sometimes it may be uncomfortable)
  • If you are not ready to embrace technology (we will show you how) to make this happen
  • If you would prefer to get someone else to do it for you, then contact us and we will tell you our preferred developers, you can still do the training and outsource the creation.
  • If you are not willing to do it my way and follow my step by step training,

 This program will definitely not work for you.

I know this sounds harsh and maybe it is but I want to work with the right people who want to see themselves with an online business that's set up with a strong foundation and gets results. I want them to be able to come along to the Live Q&A and be able to ask questions knowing this is the right program for them.

12 Months of  Unlimited 1-1 Coaching with Me.

Yes, you will receive unlimited one on one coaching with me, based on you completing actionable steps and homework, us meeting, you taking more steps and us meeting again.

These sessions will usually be 15 minutes, but we have a focal point already established, momentums will be created and task the session so the next tasks will be completed faster.  I believe this will help you take action, be accountable and have the success you know you want.

Pearl Andrews
Pearl Andrews

Yes, I enrolled with Tina for her coaching program "Impact BreakOut" but the resources she provided was enormous and it feels like a steal. I enjoyed the entire experience and it wasn't difficult to put all of the pieces together.

Coaching is more powerful when it is done the right way, Tina provided me with the support and accountability I needed to get going with my online ventures. I believe in the internet millions and I owe you more than great gratitude for providing the tools I need to make my first. My confidence is sky high and now I know how to maximally harness the power of my Brand Ethos to get me to where I ought to be. I will be spreading the wonderful news about all that you do.

Raquel Peel
Rachael Peel

Tina has been wonderful throughout the whole process from start to finish. I initially approached her to build a website, but with her help, I was also able to create a brand for myself. She helped me define my own voice and create the right content to attract attention. Since the launch of my website, I have been able to showcase my work to a broad audience and form important work collaborations.


Are you ready to connect with your audience and the success you dream of?

What would it feel like if you have a business operating where you know what you are doing? You finally learnt how to set up an online presence (such as a website, email campaigns etc) to showcase your business and you have in placed automotive systems to reduce the repetitive work and you are connecting with the RIGHT Audience and creating customers.

Would this change your life?

Here's why if you should join the Impact BreakOut Program

You will have the tools to work on your business Brand Ethos and you will also get unlimited laser-focused one on one sessions with me. All my training programs, live weekly training, and Q&A sessions plus bonus tech training will be exclusive for members.

Everything you need will be taught and has been created with one thing in mind... The Power of a Brand Ethos and the impact it can have on your online business success. 

If you add that all up:

Program Value...

1-1 Training with Me

Unlimited laser focus sessions, for this example, let's say once a fortnight, that is 26 sessions of at least 15 minutes (currently, at $350/hr or $85/15 mins)

Coaching Training via Members Area

Each week you will get 1 -2 hours of sequential training unlocked to your member's area for the whole 12 months. This will be a combination of video, written, downloadable content, etc.

Weekly Live Sessions

Each week for the 12 months you will be able to jump into a live call with me, follow along with a training session, and also have time to ask any questions. 

Technology training

Most of the time, the programs tell you what to do without digging into the How. I want you to succeed wherever possible. So, I will include training on tech subjects such as building a website, setting up email campaigns, etc. 


>Impact BreakOut ™

  • 12 months of Unlimited 1- 1 Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Live Training Sessions for 12 months
  • Online Training Members Area for 12 months
  • Videos, Cheatsheats, and Homework solutions for 12 months
  • Bonus Tech Training,Website Creation Training and More

A little about Me

I started my journey as a business coach after spending many years not only building websites but also helping people design and develop their online businesses for them. From building the website, lead magnets, social media, and other graphics to name a few components.

It seemed a natural progression into business coaching as so many of my clients were struggling to know what information and marketing content to give me to make it work in their online business.

As a result, I have dedicated myself to helping people;

  • Find their confidence with an authentic voice and reach their true audience
  • Connect more naturally and give value 
  • Strengthen their credibility through powerful systems and business content so they're seen as authorities in their given fields

I truly believe strong businesses are built on strong foundations, consistent systems and automating repetitive work and without it, you are simply not going to create the impact you dream for your business.

Let's Make it happen for You


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