Platuim Coaching with Tina


Review, Restructure, Reassess and Renews your business foundations and build a Powerful Professional Online Business


Are you a women small business owner, entrepreneur or coach that is struggling to get your business online? 

Do you have your product or services but you are not getting the sales you want or are ready to take your business to the next level?

Are you tired of creating huge value but every day you see others succeed whereas you are stuck in the 'busy' work and not see that success for yourself

Do you know you should be automating more of your business but simply do not know how to make it happen?

I remember when I first started online and was creating websites for clients that were really just an online business card. How things have changed. You really need an online presence that showcases you and it needs to connect with your audience so they will, in turn, become customers.

I found over time I spend more time coaching my clients than building their websites, funnels, lead magnets, email campaigns etc. In fact, I realised that I if more women understood how to create their online presence with tried and true systems then more could make the IMPACT they really must.

What I discovered is that when you stop trying to do everything, you focused on the right system for your business, you understood your customer (way more than a target market or avatar) things changed and you stopped selling.

This also happens when your business seems to plateau you can't seem to break into the next level, have you found that also?

So instead of doing everything. being 'busy' you take your audience on a journey to your business destination and they WANT to buy from you.

How would that feel?

Would you like your business to do this?

Stop the busywork, take the right action and build a strong foundational business that grows and grows.

Now I believe I have a powerful coaching model that not only changes the lives of the business but the customers also. I use this at the core of my business and am excited to offer it to others.

So I have decided to create a 1-1 Coaching Program (not just individual sessions) that over 26 weeks restructures, reassess and renews your business foundations. Basically, I will sequentially take you through the entire process personally.

  • How to Create a Powerful Online Presence (website, the right social media platforms)
  • How to Create an Automated Webinar or Challenge
  • How to Create Your Members Area
  • How to Create a Masterclass
  • How to automate and streamline your components to reduce your time in the business
  • Plus you will work with my team to get a lot of the Tech done for you
  • And much, much more...

During the next 26 weeks, you are going to learn not only the what and why but the how and then implement it all. So that by the end of 26 weeks you will have a professional online business that is connecting with your audience and converting them into Customers,



(What would it be worth to YOU to have an online business that is set up successfully, you know what action to take, why and how to do it.

Would that change your life?
In this Program, we will work together to create your business. I will coach you as you create your Business Voice, Customer Journey and all the Content you Need to create your Powerful Online Presence.
You will get all access to ALL of my Programs so you can learn and if you decide after the initial building of components you want to take on as you continue in your business. You will understand how it is all done. 

My team will then help you build all components busing the same systems as the training, yes they may have a few extra wow factors but that comes down to experience and knowledge our designers and developers have.

You will receive unlimited one on one coaching with me, based on you completing actionable steps and homework, you and I meeting and then you taking more steps and us meeting again.

These sessions can be 15 minutes, as we have a focal point already established, momentum will be created and tasks the session and next tasks will be completed faster.  I believe this will help you take action, be accountable and have the success you know you want. In saying that if and when hour sessions are needed they are also included. 

Are You Ready To Create a Successful Online Business?

What would it feel like for you to have a business operating where you know what you are doing, you have tools set up (such as a website) to showcase your business, you have in place automative systems to reduce the repetitive work. 

Would this change your life?

If so, I believe this is going to make it happen.

Here's why if you hire me for the next 26 weeks and together we work on your business, we set up your products or services so customer WANT them, they NEED them and instead of sell, sell, sell. You connect, showcase and they make the choice to buy.

If you were to hire me for the next 26 weeks and at my client rate of $400 per hour, you would invest $10,400 plus using my team or my recommended designer and developer to get your components online (website, lead magnet, email campaign, webinar or challenge, membership area and all components to the value of $15,000) for a total of $25,400 and that doesn't include the price of the access to all my online training (Savvy Business Program is currently $4000) etc.

Because this is a 1-1 Coaching Program for 26 weeks, instead of $25,400 for the same training as a 1-1 session and individual training/tech work. I've decided if you are willing to follow my program and work sequentially through each week than I will make this program even better value at $12,700

If you are ready to enrol:

You will be directed to Paypal and the back to this website.

Now, my guess is that if this is the first time you've seen this offer, it's an amazing training program and you'd really like to do it, but you are n't quite ready to invest  . . .

I get it.

This is my highest level training program, and therefore the most expensive.

If you have any questions for me, please shoot me an email.

tina fletcher - trbg

The Platinum Coaching with Tina Program is designed to take you, step by step and work with you to create a powerful business. 

Now, this Program isn't for everyone!

  • If you are not ready to take weekly action to create the content and market your business. check out my other programs as this program isn't for you.
  • If you do not already have a product/s or service/s that you are currently marketing in your business (doesn't matter if it's not quite working but you need to know what your business aims to be), then this program is not for you.
  • If you are not committed to do the homework I set and submit it to me so we can move you forward, then this program is not for you.
  • If you are not ready to work with Professional Designers and Developers to get take your business to the next level
  • If you don't want to get on a call with me regularly to help you take more action, then this program is not for you.
  • If you are not willing to do it my way first, let us test it and then and only then do things your way, then this program definitely will not work for you.

I know this sounds harsh and maybe it is, but I want to work with the right people and help them take their businesses in the right direction and achieve their personal success. I value my time and yours and if you want to learn from me this is just how it is.

As I have not only coached many people I have also done all the work personally to build their online presence, creating their websites, their funnels, customers journey and more.

This means I not only coach you  I understand the processes, the technology and what tools are available to use. What works, what is a time-sucking and what simplifies my actions (and I will show you all of this)

Why is this important well it means I get very passionate about your success and giving you the knowledge to make it happen?


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