Tina Fletcher

Marketer, Graphics & Web Designer, Trainer and Brand Specialist

I'm Tina, a Brisbane based designer with a knack for simplifying tech and a passion for user-friendly designs.

With over 20+  years of experience, I create marketing solutions, websites, graphics designs and digital funnels. I love working with inspiring businesses and challenging products.

Career Focus and Motivation

Dancing the lines between functional, beautiful and marketable, I aim to develop designs that convey professionalism and the companies brand ethos. I understand marketing and sales, so whether I am tasked solely to market or create designable elements, I am focused on creating business and sales.

With 25+ years as a Graphic / Web Designer & Small business owner, I have strived to understand all aspects of business and marketing. I am constantly learning new and current tools, trends and solutions.  Sales and Marketing Experience includes creating marketing plans, achieving sales targets and creating upsell funnels or upselling via consultation.

As an experienced Trainer, I aim always to be aware that people learn at different speeds, and you need to appreciate and acknowledge this. Whereas many times I hear people are frustrated with tech and tech-based solutions, I love digging into finding the right tool for the right job. I enjoy taking the time; to get targeted results. Business, marketing and design are combined in my thoughts are the things that I am passionate about. It is that passion that allows me to strive to try always to put out my best work.

Proficiency & Skills

As Web and Graphics Design have evolved over the years my skill set and programs I use have evolved as well. From originally doing graphics designs using hand-drawn components, Letraset and Clipart to learning the latest programs popular currently. And with website building them out in HTML, then Dreamweaver and then Joomla and finally working with WordPress as it suited my clients' needs and requirements.

I have constantly taken the time to learn new trends, programs and customer needs.
And as such, I have changed the programs I have used to give the best possible results for my clients.

Web Design

  • From Concept to Live using WordPress. Including customer liaison, design, website creation, testing and approval.

Graphic Design

  • From Customer concept meeting through mockup, drafts and final design for social media or print-ready artwork

Sales, Marketing and Promotions

  • From the marketing of individual products, brand creation, rebranding and brand-based marketing tools to funnels marketing and full marketing campaigns.
  • Cold calling to Closing of Sales for websites packages up to $12,000

Customer Support

  • Including before and after sales support and training of VA to implement support. Email automation and e-commerce cart solutions.


  • Training clients in building their own websites from purchasing a domain to complete live sites. Training clients 1 on 1 or in group environments.

High Level

  • Website Development - WordPress
  • Mockups and Responsive design principles
  • Graphic Design  - Corel Draw, InDesign, Photoshop, Canva
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs
  • On Page SEO & UI/UX Design
  • Email Marketing -Mailchimp, Mailerlite and Active Campaign
  • Funnel Creation and Implementation
  • Branding Kits and Ethos and ReBranding
  • Print - Business Cards, Flyers, Stationary
  • Training - Business, Website and Mindset
  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook and Facebook Groups

Intermediate Level

  • Website Development - HTML, Joomla
  • Graphic Design  - Illustrator, Gimp
  • Video Creation - Canva, Windows Movie Maker
  • Social Media Marketing - Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

Basic Level

  • Website Development - CSS
  • MYOB and Quicken
  • Social Media Marketing - Twitter, Pinterest


Dec 2022 - Current

Tina Fletcher.com Fine Artist, Business Consultant & Designer
Founder - Brisbane, Queensland

At Tina Fletcher.com I am focused on building up my Artist business, but I also continue to take limited clients as a Business Consultant or Graphic/Web Designer.


  • Fine Art and Digital Art
  • eCommerce Shop
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Brand Creation and Implementation

Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

On Brandable- Web and Graphic Designer
Founder - Brisbane, Queensland

At On Brandable I built out the business website with WooCommerce, Membership, Subscription and Affiliate setup. I also created all the templates for both the Digital Content and Website Templates.


  • Sales and Marketing
  • Brand Creation and Implementation
  • Website Design and Development
  • Template Design and Development
  • Research and collation of Customer Journey
  • Understanding user needs and growing design system.

Nov 2019 - Dec 2021

Freelance Work and Coaching

For this period first I was training around Asia and Australia only freelancing occasionally and then Covid hit and I returned to Australia and spent some time learning the latest design trends.


  • Learnt more about UI & UX Design and Implementation
  • Tested plug and play plugins for WordPress
  • Improved and learn new programs for Design
  • Started building out Website Funnels for Coaches
  • Collaborated with other Coaches and affiliate marketing
  • Research and Strategies for online marketing

Jan 2009 - Oct 2019

Tina Fletcher Designs - Web and Graphic Designer,
Self Employed - Ayr, Townsville and Brisbane, Queensland

At Tina Fletcher Designs, I created websites and graphic designs for clients. I created designs using Html, Joomla and WordPress and, by the end, specialised in WordPress as my main clients were Coaches and Small Businesses, and I allowed me to give my clients the knowledge to edit their own sites if they wished.


  • Sales, Promotion and Marketing
  • Brand Creation and Implementation
  • Website Design and Development
  • Training of clients to use WordPress and Plugins
  • UI Experience and Responsive Website Creation
  • Design work for Printing Materials including but not limited to; Business Cards, Flyers, social media graphics, training videos and eBooks etc
  • All aspects of small business and agency management.

Feb 2007 - June 2009

Asencia (Aromatherapy) - Aromatherapist & Sales and Marketing
Partnership - Ayr, Queensland

At Asencia, I created the blends for the market and all aspects of the business, including the website and promotional printing. In addition, I sold products mainly locally via word of mouth and markets.


  • The blending of aromatherapy products
  • Design and Printing all promo products,
  • Website Design and Development
  • Delivery of products, stock take, ordering and receiving of goods
  • Administration duties, Eftpos and point of sale procedures
  • All aspects of sales and promotion of products and their uses

Jun 2006 - Jan 2007

Freelance Work and Homeschooling

At this time my children and I travelled around Australia where I home schooled them and only took on additional work when needed.


  • Home Schooling
  • Freelance graphic design work

Jan 2006 - Jun 2006

Burdekin Christian College - Computer Training,
Contract Position - Ayr, Queensland

At Burdekin Christian College, I trained students from Prep to year 7 on basic computer fundamentals.


  • Classes on using a Computer
  • Including using current programs and maintenance

Dec 2004 - Jul 05

Malpass Hotel - Administration Officer / Computer Specialist
Casual Position - Home Hill, Queensland

At Malpass Hotel, my main duty was liaising with the Computer Company to set up a software system (TASK) and bridge the gap between what the hotel needed from their point of view and the functions of the software.


  • Liaising with the computer company to set up software system (TASK),
  • General computer maintenance and setup,
  • General administration including payroll,
  • Accounts payable and receivable,
  • Filing, Data Entry and general online operations

Jan 2002 - Nov 2004

Mackay West State School - Teacher aide
Casual Position - Mackay, Queensland

At Mackay West State School, I worked in several classes, including preschool and special education units.


  • Teacher aide in special education unit,
  • Preparing activities,
  • Supervising children,
  • Behavioural Management

Jan 1996 - Jul 1997

Oberon Review Newspaper - Graphics Artist and Trainer
Casual Position - Oberon, New South Wales

At Oberon Review Newspaper, I helped with the design and layout of the weekly newspaper pages and trained the staff with learning how to use Corel Draw Graphics Program.


  • Design Work for Newspaper
  • Layout of Copy and Design for Weekly Pages
  • Training on Corel Draw Graphics Program

Jun 1989 - Jan 1996

Tina Fletcher Designs - Web and Graphic Designer,
Freelanced - Brisbane Collinsville and Mackay, Queensland

At Tina Fletcher Designs I created graphic designs for print-ready work and newspaper advertisements. Within this time I also travelled through Europe, UK and Asia for the period Apr 1991 - Jan 1993


  • Design work, Printing and collating of jobs
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Small business office duties,
  • Computer training, installation and maintenance

Mar 1986 - May 1989

Australian Defence Force – Army - Illustrator Reprographic
Main Posting - Canberra, Australia Capital Territory

While enlisted in the Army, I trained in Kapooka and became part of the Survey Corp as an Illustrator Reprographic.


  • Design work, Printing and collating of jobs,
  • Photography and printing of photos
  • Office procedure relating to a printing office
  • Duties relating to Army Position

Design Portfolio

Here is a very small sample of the graphics that I have done including designs for business cards, ebooks, social media banners and posts, brand kits, graphics, recipe cards, book covers and gifs.

6. Facebook and Instagram Posts (2)
Connectist Club - w220px
Barbies Bites Cook Book
banners (21)
7 Reasons Why your Business must have a Professional Website
WOB Group (11)
RP Quotes (1)
Heart Funnels
finding your inner warrior (1)
Kit Images
Copy of On Brandable - Foodies Delight Recipe Book (3)
Podcasters for Christ Logo xx Orginal
On Brandable - Foodies Delight Recipe Pinterest Pins (1)
Copy of Tina Fletcher - Feature Images(3)
Copy of On brandable logo (1)
The Blind Coach (1)

Website Portfolio

Here are some recent websites I have created. My main focus has been to create websites and then train the client to self manage their sites, some sites may look different from the original design and others I still look after or they come back for additional work. 

Templates I have created that can be used as bases for websites and marketing funnels
(lead magnet, sales page, webinars, high-ticket and virtual event funnels).


Tina transformed my website from an amateur landing page and a bit of content to a fantastic, professional, knock-your-socks-off, work of art that portrayed the help I can give entrepreneurs better than anything I could ever have imagined.

Even as I write these words, they seem inadequate to describe just how amazing it looks.

Thank you, Tina!

~ Bruce Hoag, PhD - PsychHacks.com

Tina’s WordPress knowledge is invaluable. I have had the privilege of being a participant in her weekend workshop plus her expert guidance with me on my website & it has inspired me to be in action like nothing before. I wish I had found Tina years ago.

She’s just what’s been missing for a ridiculously long time while my website has suffered from neglect. I’m not a beginner by any stretch of the imagination AND that doesn’t mean that this would be over the heads of anybody who is a beginner. It’s not. Tina is just so amazing because she has that incredible facility to teach it from basic first baby steps & if you already know the level she’s teaching you can enjoy the refresher (because Tina’s a master at making this website guidance interesting & inviting at even the most basic level) or just jump in when the training is relevant to where you’re being held back. Absolutely

Everything plus the kitchen sink is available to you in the weekend workshop training so jump in with both feet & enjoy website creation & improvement like never before! Thank You, Tina. You inspire me.

~ Liz Zed, Ph.D., BCC, MCC, Certified Mentor Coach


Tina has been wonderful throughout the whole process from start to finish. I initially approached her to build a website, but with her help, I was also able to create a brand for myself. She helped me define my own voice and create the right content to attract attention.

Since the launch of my website, I have been able to showcase my work to a broad audience and form important work collaborations.

~ Raquel Peel - RaquelPeel.com


I just finished attending Tina Fletcher’s Two-Day Live Web Training. The subject was building a website, but not just any website. Moreover, building a well-designed effective website. Why this course is not mandatory before you ever install your first instance of WordPress is beyond me.

WordPress is easy enough to install on just about any web hosting in today’s marketplace and then it becomes a huge time suck from that moment on. Tina takes you on a hand-guided tour through the maze of hidden passages, trap doors, and rabbit holes that go nowhere in this two-day course.

How did she do it? It was amazing! She set glued in her seat for two solid 8-hour sessions. She did not even take the break she had included into the timing for lunch. There she gave and gave and gave fielding a myriad of questions, showing a plethora of examples and working with anybody that checked in with her.
I got questions answered that have nagged at me for years working with WordPress. She explained concepts that have eluded me even with the time and research I have done personally. Finally, she dispelled poor tactics and learnings that have come to get in my way as I have struggled with the tool.

The weekend for me was like someone coming up to me and taking the hammer from my hand and saying, "You are hitting the nail the wrong way. Hit is with the flat surface on this end and not the claw on the back. Argghhhhhh!". Yes, the difference is that obvious.

You owe it to yourself to invest whatever is needed of time and effort to study this material and be a more effective website developer with WordPress.

The piece de resistance of the two days was to gain a thorough understanding of the branding elements that need to go into your website. She is no doubt the queen in this area. She taught me how to control those key components, how to use them effectively, and how to make your result much more attractive to your intended audience.

Your choice is clear. You can install your WordPress instance and jump off into the deep end into an abyss of despair or you can invest some time into this two-day training and move to the front of the line with effective branding and design skills to draw from as well as every hair on your head that you would have pulled out otherwise. I only wish that I could have started here years ago because I have mostly lost my hair now.
~ Steven Timmons, Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Online Training

Example of some of my online training sessions...

What is a Domain Name & Hosting

Buying Your Domain Name and Hosting

Understand Hex Codes for Colors

FD Recipe book fonts and adding images

Virtual Business Card Training

Virtual Business Card Training Part 2

Understand Hex Codes for Colors

Brand and Connection Virtual Event no. 1 - Part 1


Recently I created my own website and I learnt how to do it all from Tina Fletcher. Tina is an absolute dream to work with, she is an excellent communicator and she displays an amazing aptitude for her job. Her passion for graphic design shines through everything she
I found every resource she provided was of an outstanding quality, especially such items as the templates and her tutorials.
I highly recommend Tina Fletcher. You will be grateful as I am, that you were fortunate to benefit from her knowledge, experience and resources.
~ Gabrielle Shaw - Adam Blue Official.

Computers have always been a challenge for me ...

Computers have always been a challenge for me to the point of complete procrastination in turning one even on. Terminology of the IT field I found very frustrating to understand and thought it was another language.

Starting from a deeply negative perspective, Tina’s course was easily set out with simple to follow steps. The main problem for me was breaking down all the information that I wanted to put into my website. Being of a pedantic nature, her guidance helped me break the information down into subject matter and simple to read.

Tina’s wealth of information and experience was invaluable. I found her patient and full of valuable advice once I had decided the direction that I wanted to take my business in. Her suggestions of how to capture an audience and further ideas for future web growth and changes, I really cannot put a price on. She is one of the best, relatable people that I have come across.

~ Lynn Briggs - Advanced Skin and Body



Tina Fletcher

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
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