debra reeves
Debra Reeves

Tina, you are a life saver! You revived my sluggish business with your tech wizardry! I had no clue how to recreate my website to be more engaging, more ‘me’. And without a lot of direction, you absolutely nailed the (nonexistent) brief in one go!!!

And what you produced absolutely blew my mind. If I’d known what to ask for that would’ve been it!

I absolutely LOVE my new website - it’s so ‘me’ - so authentic and real, so heartfelt and speaks to the heart of who I am and what I do.


As a result, my bookings have sky rocketed. People get me now. They feel me through my website and they want to work with me. With the clarity of the content and the carefully selected images, they see me for who I am.

I am so grateful to you. You have brought me out of the shadows and into the light. My business is thriving as a result of you.


susan anderson
Susan Anderson

Took my business into a completely different niche and needed assistance in creating some professional content to get my name out there. Tina was very helpful in providing the necessary resourses, templates and guidance so that I could get my message out there intially and in the long term. It was clear she knew her business and has please of experience in this area. Definately recommend her.


Raquel Peel
Rachael Peel

Tina has been wonderful throughout the whole process from start to finish. I initially approached her to build a website, but with her help, I was also able to create a brand for myself. She helped me define my own voice and create the right content to attract attention. Since the launch of my website, I have been able to showcase my work to a broad audience and form important work collaborations.


Pearl Andrews
Pearl Andrews

Yes, I enrolled with Tina for her coaching program "Impact BreakOut" but the resources she provided was enormous and it feels like a steal. I enjoyed the entire experience and it wasn't difficult to put all of the pieces together.

Coaching is more powerful when it is done the right way, Tina provided me with the support and accountability I needed to get going with my online ventures. I believe in the internet millions and I owe you more than great gratitude for providing the tools I need to make my first. My confidence is sky high and now I know how to maximally harness the power of my Brand Ethos to get me to where I ought to be. I will be spreading the wonderful news about all that you do.

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