Abstract Art, inspired by the bright, the bold and the fun.

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Hi, I'm Tina I love art in whatever form it comes in and have found my joy in the abstract and creating art digitally and both on paper and canvas. I love that I can nowย pursue my passion for art after about 30 years of my life as a graphic artist and web designer.
I realised that I need to stop living in the lines and find my colour and renew my passion for art.

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Maria Berry-Swann 2 - 1080x1080px
Tina is soooo good at what she does! I told her what I wanted and she exceeded my expectations! Literally took a photo of myself and created ART! Definitely happy with the process and the prompt service!!
Have a great day!!
Maria Swann
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I am passionate about sharing the joy of art with others and inspiring them to be delighted by vivid colours and live more outside the lines. ~ tina.