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About Tina

Hi, I'm Tina Fletcher and my mission has become to help businesses, coaches, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs transform their business from the ground up, so they can grow rapidly to the level they dream of.


Business & Me

I look back on being online for so long and saw how things have grown and changed. I love that it has given me the freedom to work from home and watch my five children grow up, but like all things that evolve so rapidly, it has a dark side. A side that has gotten people to think that it is easy and anyone can make a living online.

As an insider, I want that more and more people to get online. "I will start just as a side business and see how it goes, sort of attitude" not really taking the time to manage the business, build a strong foundation that will connect with their audience, and allow them to grow.

I could see that while some succeeded this way, so many simply didn't make the business of their dreams. They neither were able to achieve the income nor the recognition they want and desire.

So, for many years, I worked hard helping people, firstly as a graphic designer, then a web designer and developer and eventually as a business coach while I was doing that.

I was so frustrated that people couldn't see that with the right SYSTEM, the right TOOLS, and the right HELP they could achieve the dream business they always wanted. I knew the best way to bring it all together for them was to create a brand ethos and build up from there.

Are you Ready to TAKE ACTION!

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