About Tina

Hi, I'm Tina Fletcher and I have been online for over 25 years as a web designerand developer and helping business get their online presence congruent with their customers needs.

I want to inspire more People to Shout not just Whisper about their businesses by creating powerful, interesting and thought provoking coonections. (Don't know what I mean? Read this article to start Shouting yourself.)


Business & Me

When I first started building website they where really just an online business card whereas now they are an integral part of your online presence. So what that meant as a web designer and developer I found myself looking at the whole business not just creating an online business card.

It was exciting to see the impact that the internet has had on business, the scope of things you can do today and the multitude of choices you can have not only for a simple website, but social media platforms, email marketing solutions, sales funnel just to name a few.

Unfortunately with this amazing opportunity that is now available for business to reach more people in a larger demographic, location or situation came with it the information overload and the need to embrace and harness the power of technology.

Many people have simply been left behind or are scrambling to decide and use the tools to market their business.

I know I have been blessed that I have been able to create an income online (through several businesses) and have the ability to work from home, when my five children where younger and now to be location independent.

So my goal is to help more people to have that option as well by creating online business that embrace tech, have proven solution to reduce the "busy" work and make both and impact and an income for themselves and their families.

Do You need help taking your business to the next level?

Don't let the process, the to do's and the must have overwhelm you, let's connect and let me help you find the right solution for you and your business.

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