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Yes, I am available for commissions.

My artwork is mainly done on a square canvas, but I am happy to discuss custom dimensions for specific large walls with you.  The minimum size is 24″ x 24″. If you would like to learn more about commissioning new art, then contact me at


A 50% deposit is needed to schedule your artwork or be added to the waitlist. However, this deposit is refundable at any time. The commission can be cancelled prior to, during or after the painting has been completed by either myself or you, the client.

As art is very subjective and personal for both myself as the artist and the client, in the event that the commissioned artwork is not accepted, then the contract with be cancelled and the deposit refunded, and the artwork will be released to the open market.

Why do I do this over keeping a deposit because I will always take your thoughts and consideration into account, but painting is a creative process, and I do not want to lose that ability to give more in a way that I feel is best.

How the Process Works

For a Commission, usually, the client will suggest a colour palette, a feel and show me where the piece is going, and I will take that into account as I create your piece.

Sometimes the piece may go a different way to the client's thoughts, and many times that means it becomes something even more special. When this happens, the client is even happier, but sometimes my journey and the clients may not fit, and if that is the case, the deposit is 100% refundable, and there is no issue.

As with all Abstract Art, sometimes the final artwork is a journey that even surprises me.

Please fill out the form with details of what you are looking for or connect with me on your preferred method and we can discuss what you are looking for in a commission. Thank You.

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Sharp angles, lines and conflicting soft colour shapes in my art suggest a feeling of conformity broken. My paintings are inspired to be fun, colourful and put a smile on your face. I try to create a synergy of colour and movement.

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